Katrin Birkholz helps Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skincare Formulators build their businesses.


Hi! My Name is…

Katrin. I’m an Aromatherapist, Natural Skin Care Formulator, a Business Coach & Software Creator. I’m on a mission to help Wellness Entrepreneurs to break through their ceiling, create a business, and make substantial income 🙌

I used to think creating a business was pretty simple. You have an idea, create a website, and start selling.

20 years later, I created half a dozen businesses and learned a whole bunch of things I wish somebody had told me rather sooner than later.

Now I use my experience to help other Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skincare Creators to start and grow their own businesses.

A business journey can be long when you walk it alone. I have two things that are most important to me: A step-by-step system that is easy to follow and a supporting community that can provide feedback, encourgament, and accountability.

Everything I do, is with YOU in mind and with my PASSION to help you succeed!

What They Say

You are probably the most kind and generous mentor I have found. I can’t see how you could improve on all that you do to promote a sense of aromatherapy community amongst all of us from far and wide. I am so grateful for all that you do!



Laura Stainer

Owner, Bespoke Arometherapy

Katrin is an excellent facilitator who guides you through the basis of establishing your business, from your motivations to the how-to’s. It’s an excellent and engaging membership. I highly recommend it!


Andrea Bailey-Tweed

Owner, Earth's Own Essentials, LLC

It was a great opportunity to learn from Katrin’s experience. She has a gifted, kind and genuine soul to help others come out of their self made limits and work towards achieving their goals with a positive mindset.

This course was a very helpful and needed bridge from aromatherapy school to entering the real world. I was pretty lost when trying to learn how to use my aromatherapy skills with real people. Through this course I teased out how I wanted to use my skills, with what specific target audience, and many of other helpful biz strategies along the way. This course was provided in a fun and empowering way by a very wonderful instructor and highly supportive community! Highly recommend!

Meaghan Smeraglia