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Join over 100 members on their journey to online entrepreneurial success, shaping the future of aromatherapy & natural skincare!

While many coaching programs price their services between $97 to $497 monthly for such value, I’ve crafted an offer accessible to every aromatherapist or skincare formulator at just $9/month.


If you are…


...feeling stuck in a monotonous routine with no room for growth or excitement. Where to start?


...doubting your abilities and constantly second-guessing yourself. You need answers?


...working tirelessly for someone else's vision, while your own dreams remain unfulfilled. Let's switch gears?


...the same old solutions that don't address your unique needs and aspirations. Let's take a look from a different angle?


...struggling to make ends meet and feeling trapped in a cycle of financial uncertainty. A system will help you!


...watching opportunities pass you by while your bank account remains stagnant. Let's overcome uncertainty and stagnation!


...feeling like your financial goals are out of reach and yearn for a path to true financial freedom with your dream business. It is possible!

Feeling exhausted, confused, or unmotivated is not the fast way to success.

I have done that and been there…


You want to see your expertise in action, create an income, while helping others. Wouldn’t it be nice if…


…attract high-quality clients who resonate with your passion for holistic well-being and align with your values and your mission.


…profound transformations and remarkable outcomes, witnessing the tangible impact of your Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare solutions.


…confidence and authenticity, empowering you to connect deeply with your audience of Aromatherapy enthusiasts and skincare seekers.


…your terms and dictate a flexible schedule that suits your Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare pursuits, allowing you to strike a harmonious work-life balance.

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point took considerable effort, dedication, many years of learning, adjusting, and doing it again.

You will not hear me say the words, “Oh, that’s easy!” …DEDICATION is needed…

I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the task of building a successful business. In fact, multiple ones.

Countless hours were invested in refining strategies, making tough decisions, and adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. My dedication wasn’t just a personal endeavor; it permeated the entire business. It dictated the way I DO business. This sense of purpose translated into the quality of the products/services I offer, our responsiveness to customer needs, and our long-term approach to sustainability. Through unwavering dedication, I created an environment where passion and perseverance converged, fostering the growth of a thriving and enduring enterprise.

Dedication enables you to overcome setbacks and obstacles, and you will find a way of overcoming all the challenges and uncertainty a business brings.

I now bring all my strategies, learning, and examples to you! 

You will also not hear me say the words “You’ll be able to do this fast!” or “Not a big deal, you’ve got this!”… EFFORT is needed…

In my pursuit of building a working business, I recognized the pivotal role that effort played in transforming aspirations into achievements.

Every step of the way, I invested substantial effort into the various facets of my business. From developing and implementing strategies to creating products and providing services, I poured my energy and resources into driving progress. This tireless commitment to excellence led me to experiment, iterate, and continuously learn, shaping the evolution of my business.

The effort wasn’t limited to product development; it extended to marketing campaigns that captured attention, sales efforts that built client relationships, and strategic planning that fortified the business’s resilience.

What I can give you is the effort converted into a roadmap I have developed to give you everything I know minus the loss of time I experienced because I had to figure it all on my own. There was no business coaching out there specific to Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare Businesses at that time. 

aromatherapy store with with essential oils, herbs and natural skincare products
Katrin Birkholz Aromatherapist and ceo of Blend precisely and blend precisely academy

My story in short

  • My Journey Across Continents: I embarked on my life journey in Berlin, East Germany, and it took me through diverse places such as Hamburg, Zurich, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Spain, California, Portugal, before finally settling in New Hampshire, USA.

  • Olympic Dreams and Track: My roots trace back to Berlin, where I dedicated myself to track and field training, aspiring to excel on the Olympic stage.

  • Academic Prowess and Corporate Climb: I equipped myself with knowledge in International Business Relationships, Project Management, and Marketing, building a successful career in supply chain management.

  • Following My Heart: Driven by my inner passion, I ventured away from the corporate world, immersing myself in Spanish language studies and honing my photography skills in San Francisco.

  • Diverse Creative Ventures: My artistic pursuits expanded beyond photography, delving into pattern-making and digital photo printing on textiles and skirts.

  • Juggling Roles: As a single mother, I found my balance by managing app development at Nokia while simultaneously running a coffee shop in bustling San Francisco.

  • Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare Formulation: Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, I embraced the captivating world of Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare Formulation,. Received both Certification, and Diploma. The combination of these two plus my business background made a dream come true.

  • Empowering Through Blend Precisely: Alongside my husband Seth, I proudly developed—a transformative software tool empowering aromatherapists, cosmetic formulators, and herbalists in their journey toward sustainable businesses.

  • Mentoring for Growth: Leveraging my corporate background, I extend mentorship in business growth, development, and success through my academy memberships (

  • Tech and Wellness Fusion: My expertise also extends to specialized website and app development services tailored specifically for wellness businesses (

  • Unleashing Potential: My unwavering dedication lies in unlocking the full potential of aspiring wellness entrepreneurs, equipping them with the resources needed to thrive and succeed.


while keeping my WHY in mind…

I wanted to help more people!

Transformations happen every day within our Starter Program.

Witness the magic of ongoing client engagement – forging new connections even as you rest or revel in the moment 💜🤗

In the world of business, strategy is key. A system is vital – the missing piece for many ventures. Once YOUR system is established, success becomes an inevitable reality.

All of the above finally let me to build this…

My Signature Starter Program:

The One-Product-Success Roadmap will help you to get started on your journey…

…NOW and with immediate results.

By joining our starter program, you will receive several Masterclasses, templates, and shortcuts through my learning, and you can make your dream a reality too!

Learn how to:


Gaining awareness of your client's pain points and needs when creating your products or offering your services...

Without addressing and gaining awareness of your client’s pain points and needs, you risk offering solutions that may not resonate with them, leading to missed opportunities, low engagement, and limited growth in your aromatherapy business.


Position yourself as an expert.

Positioning yourself as an expert establishes trust, authority, and credibility in the aromatherapy field, attracting clients, enhancing your reputation, and enabling you to provide impactful solutions and guidance.


Know the potential profitability of your business idea.

Not being aware of the potential profitability of your business idea can lead to financial uncertainty, misaligned investments of time and resources, and ultimately hinder the growth and sustainability of your aromatherapy/ skincare business.


Know your opportunities in your business.

Knowing your opportunities in your business allows you to identify and capitalize on potential avenues for growth, innovation, and success. By recognizing and leveraging these opportunities, you can strategically shape your aromatherapy and skincare business, make informed decisions, and position yourself for long-term achievement.


Develop self-confidence to showcase your online presence. (I know, I know...we will help you!)

Embracing self-confidence empowers you to effectively share your expertise, connect with your audience, and thrive in the digital realm of your aromatherapy business. And remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way!


Make informed business-oriented decision.

Failing to make informed business-oriented decisions can lead to inefficiencies, misguided strategies, and missed chances for growth. By making informed choices, you ensure the sound development of your business, optimize resources, and increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes faster and more streamlined.


Set realistic goals and how to navigate obstacles.

Setting achievable goals and mastering obstacle navigation empowers you to stay focused, adapt to challenges, and steadily progress toward success in your journey.


Sell your services and products in a non-salesy way.

Selling your services and products in a non-salesy way brings the happiness of genuine connections and satisfied customers. By fostering trust and delivering value, you create meaningful relationships, positive feedback, and a fulfilling sense of accomplishment in your aromatherapy business journey.

Sylvia Provenski

The best thing?

You will receive a roadmap that will guide you step-by-step through a fast decision making process, so you can see results today and not only tomorrow or in two years from now.

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Rewarding Steps

Aromatherapy Business PLan Commitment


Aromatherapy Business Plan Taking the steps

Follow the Roadmap

Aromatherapy Business Plan - getting results

Get Results

The Starter Sales Page Site for Blend Precisely Academy

Welcome to…

 The Starter Program of the


Join us today, and let’s infuse the world with the magic of aromatherapy, herbalism, and Natural Skincare. The world needs your expertise today!

Your journey begins now.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

The Starter Membership Program of Blend Precisely Academy

on the inside

What you’ll learn


Module 1

 The first circle to ignite is your passion. You’ll discover the pivotal role of passion in crafting a successful aromatherapy business. Passion goes beyond mere enthusiasm – it’s the driving force that compels you to pour your heart, mind, body, and soul into your endeavor.




Power of Passion

Passion isn’t just enthusiasm; it’s a potent driving force that fuels ambition, motivating you to invest your heart, mind, and soul into your aromatherapy business.


Embracing True Calling

Prioritizing practicality over passion may lead to regrets. Embrace your true calling and recognize that pursuing what you’re passionate about can lead to a more fulfilling and successful journey.


Success Through Experimentation

Success isn’t guaranteed, but it’s attainable through dedication and experimentation. Identifying and integrating your passion into your business journey lays a solid foundation for future accomplishments.

Module 2

During this lesson, the focus shifts to “Your Special Sauce” – your unique expertise and skills that set you apart.

As you weave your skills into your business journey, you enhance your ability to stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level.



Unique Expertise

Your individual skills and expertise, developed over time, are the key elements that differentiate you in the aromatherapy field.


Infusing Originality

While drawing inspiration from others is valid, infusing your own special qualities into your work is crucial for creating a distinct identity.


Effective Communication

Recognizing and leveraging your skills helps you tailor your messages to your Ideal Customer Avatar, enhancing engagement and connection.

Module 3

In Lesson 3, “Your Audience & Client’s Pain Points,” the focus shifts to defining your niche and understanding the importance of specialization in the aromatherapy & natural skincare business.

The detrimental effects many first-time business owners do: spreading themselves too thin and attempting to cater to multiple audiences, stressing that offering everything to everyone can lead to a lack of audience & income altogether. This lesson concludes by urging you to stick to one focused aspect, especially in the early stages, to develop both their aromatherapy skills and business acumen.

key learnings


Narrowing Your Focus

Defining a niche is essential to avoid exhaustion, financial strain, and confusion among potential customers. Specializing in a specific area allows you to deliver value effectively.


Local Connections

Just as making connections in a new neighborhood starts with the immediate vicinity, building a niche audience begins with a hyper-focused approach. This helps you recognize opportunities and create meaningful relationships.


Business Focus

Running a successful aromatherapy business requires a dual focus on mastering aromatherapy skills and effectively managing the business side.

Module 4

In Lesson 4, “Your Money-Making Options,” the focus centers on the critical aspect of generating profits in your aromatherapy business.

The lesson begins with the idea that as an Aromatherapist or Natural Skincare entrepreneur is someone who solves people’s problems at a profit, emphasizing the importance of creating value and gaining returns. It highlights the necessity of profit for business sustainability, growth, and personal value.

key learnings


Profit as a Measure of Value

Profit is essential for business viability, growth, and recognition. It is a reflection of the value you provide to your customers.


Trust and Education

Trust is earned through consistent education, contribution, and customer-centric actions. Successful selling is about addressing customer problems and needs.


Holistic Approach

Combining passion, skills, audience understanding, and profitability forms a holistic approach to building a successful aromatherapy & skincare business.

Get also instant access to

All of these resources

Aromatherapy Teacher Planner
Reclaiming your worthiness journal
Canva Starter Guide for Graphics
Email Signature Templates
New Potential Client Email Series
Business Mindset
Gift Certificate Canva Templates
Lip Balm Label Templates
Create your first Moodboard

Bonus 1

Create your first branding moodboard


Video Walkthrough


Create your brand


Learn how to use CANVA


Get Templates!

Bonus 2

Get your life & business planner – 45 Pages to gain clarity


A Bundle of 6 planners in 1!


Big Picture Clarity


Mindset & Limiting Belief


Let's Take Action


The Wheel Of Life - Where All Aspects Of Life Come Together


Gratitude & Affirmation


Bonus Worksheets

Blend Precisely Community

Bonus 3



Live Q&A


Monthly New Content (available for always one month)


Accountability Partner Possibilities


Get Your Questions Answered (weekdays)


Get Feedback

Jackie Glinkie


I already bought so many things that didn’t help me, so why do I need the ONE-PRODUCT-SUCCESS-ROADMAP Starter Program?


Unlock daily transformations within this blooming membership – a mere $9/month investment, equivalent to a couple of cups of coffee or less than a glass of wine.

But, unlike coffee, this can elevate your business from non-existent to abundance, instilling confidence for lasting success.


🌱 Cultivate a devoted following of individuals genuinely seeking your guidance, using your passion (Circle 1) to create a strong connection.

🌟 Attract top-tier clients perfectly aligned with your expertise and vision, leveraging your special sauce (Circle 2) to stand out authentically.

🚀 Unleash remarkable transformations and extraordinary outcomes by addressing your audience’s pain points (Circle 3) effectively.

🌬️ Breathe in waves of appreciation, reviews, feedback, and social validation as you build trust through education and contribution, as emphasized in Lesson 3.

💪 Exude confidence and authenticity in every interaction, merging your passion, skills, and audience understanding.

💰 Forge a substantial income while enriching the lives of others, aligning your profits (Circle 4) with the value you provide.

⏰ Craft your path, on your terms and schedule, by understanding your passion and leveraging your skills.

🔍 Bid farewell to client-search worries; they’ll come to you as you position yourself effectively and build trust through education and contribution.

🚫 Leave behind pushy sales tactics and desperate outreach, focusing on genuine value and customer-centric actions, as highlighted in Lesson 4.

Total Value = $97/month

Today’s Price = Only $9/mth

7 Day Refund Guarantee


This Membership is for

2 Types of AromaPreneurs and SkincarePreneurs

The "I need to feel it out" person

This membership gives you complete clarification if the business side is something you would like to pursue. 

The "I'm so ready to get started" person

And you will! With this membership you will start off on the right foot, with lots of support and non-windy roads. 

Total Value = $97/ month

Today’s Price = Only $9/mth

7-Day Refund Guarantee

Aromatherapy Business Building Success Lorraine

What members say

Testimonials from our lovely Aromatherapists & Formulators…

Lesson 1 of the Aromatherapy Business Plan
What students say about lesson 2 of the Aromatherapy Business Plan
Lesson 3 of the Aromatherapy Business PLan
Lesson 4 of The Aromatheraby Business Plan

Total Value = $97/ month

Today’s Price = Only $9/mth

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m new to the aromatherapy/ skincare community. Will this membership be valuable for someone like me?

A: Absolutely; this membership is designed with newcomers in mind and provides essential resources and support for your aromatherapy journey.

Q: I’ve been practicing aromatherapy for a while. Will I still benefit from this membership?

A: Yes, whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting, our membership offers valuable resources, tools, and a supportive community to enhance your aromatherapy practice.

Q: Can I delay joining the membership until later?

A: While you can join at a later date, please be aware that the membership fee may increase, so consider joining now to secure the current rate.

Q: How much support is included in the membership?

A: Our membership includes 24-hour written support on weekdays within our members-only group, ensuring your questions receive timely responses.

Q: Is this membership exclusively for aromatherapists focused on business coaching?

A: No, our membership caters to aromatherapists, herbalists, massage therapists, and natural skincare formulators within the wellness industry, from product creators, consultants to content creators and workshop/ course providers, helping you establish a successful online presence and business.

Q: I haven’t developed any aromatherapy offerings yet. Is this membership suitable for me?

A: Absolutely, our membership will guide you in strategically crafting your aromatherapy offerings, even if you’re just getting started.

Q: I don’t have a substantial audience or email list. Will this affect my experience?

A: No worries, our membership equips you with strategies to grow an engaged audience and email list.

Q: When will I gain access to the membership benefits?

A: Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with comprehensive details and access to our exclusive members-only group within 24 hours.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your membership whenever you choose.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for this membership?

A: Certainly, we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in the membership.

Q: I’m not tech-savvy. Do I need advanced tools for this membership?

A: Not at all; our membership is beginner-friendly and budget-conscious, requiring no specialized technical skills. We do recommend business tools that will make your life easier and will set you up faster on the growing path, but they will be budget-friendly and only suggestions. This Membership focuses heavily on getting you started rather than software tools.


Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so that we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Blend Precisely Academy Starter Program




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