Cultivating a Passion for Holistic Therapy.

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Denise O’Connell is a remarkable member of our Blend Precisely community. She has been an early adapter of Blend Precisely and so she has become family. The Irish one 🇮🇪 ☺️☺️

Denise O’Connell is an entrepreneur from Ireland who developed an interest in holistic therapy after suffering a sports injury in secondary school. She actually wanted to become a professional soccer player but life had something different in store for her. 

She is a prime example of needing to learn and love to pivot in life and in your business. May it be through your own decision or outer circumstances that force you to change and adjust. When opportunities arise, making quick decisions and leaning into your intuition comes with being a business owner and will also open new doors. 

Today, Denise owns her own workspace and retail store in an adorable town from the 1700s called Kilkenny in Ireland. Her store is set up to serve the public, many tourists, and also her online customers. She sells:

Visit to learn more about her products, where she uses little to no fragrances or essential oils. In fact, she encourages everyone to get the book from Susan Parker, Power of the Seed. A book that is all about lipid oils:

Denise has also studied under Rhiannon Lewis and is forever grateful for her incredible knowledge. You can find out more information about Rhiannon’s work here:

Ways to get in contact with Denise:


Facebook: and



I’m sure you will enjoy this interview! Denise is such an inspiration and her shining attitude for life is so very contagious.

Thank you for reading and listening!

I will speak to you soon,

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