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Blend Precisely Academy Starter Program
Blend Precisely Mastery Program
Blend Precisely Software
Website Agency Blend Precisely
Blend Precisely Template Store
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Programs tailored to every stage of your business.

Blend Precisely Academy Starter Program


Embark on Your Path to Success in 4 Simple Steps!

Discover the power of joining our self-directed Business Membership, designed to give you a flying start in your Aromatherapy and Skincare venture.

Starting from the very core of your purpose – your WHY – to crystallizing your genuine passion, identifying your ideal client avatar, and gaining a profound understanding of your income-generating possibilities by becoming the expert you are meant to be!

This Is Where Your Entrepreneurial Journey Begins!

Accelerator Program


Welcome to Our Accelerator Program for Aromatherapists and Skincare Entrepreneurs!

Discover the pinnacle of growth with our exclusive accelerator program tailored to those who have taken the first step in building their businesses.

Elevate your journey as we provide you with monthly Masterclasses, Goal Setting Calls, Q&A Sessions, Co-Working Calls, and insightful Astro Business Calls with Annika Wisniewski.

Embrace a supportive community and stay accountable through our guided check-ins. You’ve made the decision to create, now let us guide you towards excellence in your aromatherapy and skincare ventures.

This Is Where Your Entrepreneurial Journey Grows Rapidly.

Blend Precisely Mastery Program


Build Your Aromatherapy and Skincare Business with Our Exclusive 12-month Mastery Program. We offer this program only once a year! 

This is our end-to-end solution blueprint. This program requires a full commitment to the transformative journey into becoming a soaring business. It encompasses our specialized Aromatherapy and Skincare Business Solutions with an incredible detailed step-by-step approach. 

From creating impeccable product offerings that are sustainable in the long run, over website & native app creation, stellar SEO guidance, 3 months Intensive Cohort Business Program PLUS 9 months continued business support.

This program is jam-packed!

Lots of decision are being made in a short amount of time, which will enable you to grow your business in a short 12 month rather than years.

This Program Is Your Express Ticket To Reaching Your Dream Destination.


Meet Katrin & Seth

Blend Precisely Academy offering a Mastery Program for Aromatherapists.

Hello, I’m Katrin.

I’m an Aromatherapist, Natural Skin Care Formulator, a Business Coach & Software Creator. I’m on a mission to help Wellness Entrepreneurs to break through their ceiling, create a business, and make substantial income 🙌

I used to think creating a business was pretty simple. You have an idea, create a website, and start selling.

20 years later, I created half a dozen businesses and learned a whole bunch of things I wish somebody had told me rather sooner than later.

Now I use my experience to help other Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skincare Creators to start and grow their own businesses.

A business journey can be long when you walk it alone. I have two things that are most important to me: A step-by-step system that is easy to follow and a supporting community that can provide feedback, encourgament, and accountability.

Everything I do, is with YOU in mind and with my PASSION to help you succeed!

Seth & Katrin, Blend Precisely Creators


We’re creators with a mission: to simplify the journey of your Aromatherapy and Skincare Business Life.

From the spark of your initial business idea to the deliberate strategies for growth and eventual success, consider us your steadfast companions along the way.

But this is more than just business; it’s about forging emotional connections. Our community isn’t just a support system – it’s a tribe where you truly belong.

Our offerings, carefully crafted with deep passion, are tailored to empower Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skin Care Formulators.

From your very first thought of creating a business over strategizing, growing & succeeding in your business. We make sure you have everything you will need.

We offer community, business support, technology, including website and native app implementations.

As you navigate your path to become a successful business, we will provide the tools you need, including technology solutions like websites and native apps. However, what truly differentiates us from other coaching and software solution businesses is our commitment to affordability and quality.

We understand your journey because we have walked it multiple times, and offer essential resources at a reasonable price, enabling you to navigate your entire business journey with confidence.

One of the main differentiators to other coaching and technology businesses is, that we believe in offering everything at a fair price tag so you can comfortably grow your business with the support you need. Start to Finish.

Everything we have created, we created with love and passion to help Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skin Care Formulators to succeed in this beautiful world.

Are your ready to start & grow your business?

Seth & Katrin Birkholz
Treeline no background

You want to grow your business even faster? These additional programs will just do that!

Blend Precisely Software


An Essential tool for anyone who creates blends and formulations. 

Automated Profit Calculation.

Your essential tool for Aromatherapists and skincare formulators.

Say goodbye to complex calculations and hello to accurate blends, profit margins, essential oil safety insights, and sustainable formulations – all in one place.

This software is your time-saving solution, ensuring precise results while tapping into your creative potential.

Streamline your workflow, enhance your formulations, and step into the future of precise blending with confidence.

Website Agency Blend Precisely


Get your app and website done fast and start selling sooner.

Website and APP Design.

Say goodbye to tech headaches and accelerate your online presence with our rapid website development services.

Choose from a variety of templates and layouts to create your perfect platform effortlessly.

Unlock the potential to increase sales with our top-notch Website and App Design solutions, tailored to meet your needs efficiently.

The goal is to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible so you can start selling!

Blend Precisely Mastery Program


Get your Business Templates & Graphics

Template Design Solutions for your Business.

We provide a comprehensive array of ready-to-use templates and digital solutions tailored precisely to our industry’s needs.

From eye-catching designs that capture your brand’s essence to elegant webinar presentation slides keep your clients coming back for more, and let’s not forget important business documents you’ll need in your business.

We designed this store to empower your business with efficiency and professionalism.

Say goodbye to the hassle of designing & creating these essentials from scratch and say hello to more time for what truly matters – your clients and your passion.

AromaConnect of Blend Precisely


Connecting professionals with customers. 

Have Customers Find Your Products & Services!

Hello from AromaConnect!

We’re here to bring together experts like aromatherapists and skincare formulators with people that are looking for natural solutions and need a trusted source.

Our goal is to make sure we connect people that are interested in natural solutions with professionals that can give them the best advice because they really know their stuff. That’s hard to come by these days!

Our mission is simple: we want to have customers get real solutions from you, the trusted specialists, making sure ancient & new wisdom meets modern needs.


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Frequently asked questions

Q: For whom are your business programs?

  • Blend Precisely Academy Starter Program:
    • This program is designed for beginners who are looking to start their business journey in aromatherapy, herbalism, and skincare. It’s ideal for individuals who want to understand the fundamentals and lay a strong foundation for their business in these industries.
  • Accelerator Program:
    • The Accelerator Program is tailored for those who have already taken initial steps in building their aromatherapy, herbalism, and skincare businesses. It’s suitable for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth, gain valuable insights, become more successful in these fields, and be part of an active community accountability program. Fast action. Fast Growth.
  • Blend Precisely Mastery Program:
    • The Mastery Program is for individuals who are serious about taking their aromatherapy and skincare businesses to the next level within a few months. It’s suitable for both beginners and established businesses looking for a comprehensive solution to grow rapidly and efficiently instead of wasting years—you want to be committed to making your business work when entering this program. This program is currently only offered once a year.

Q: What is Blend Precisely Software? Is it for everyone?

A: Yes. This software is geared toward anyone who is creating aromatherapy blends, herbal blends, and skincare formulations. Blend Precisely Software is an essential tool for individuals and businesses who create aromatherapy blends and formulations. It simplifies complex math calculations and offers insights into profit margins, essential oil safety, and sustainable formulations.

Q: Where can I learn more about Blend Precisely Software?

A: You can find more information and details about Blend Precisely Software on the official website blendprecisely.io

Q: What services does Website Agency Blend Precisely offer?

A: Website Agency Blend Precisely offers website and app design services, aiming to accelerate online presence for businesses. The goal is to help businesses get their websites up and running quickly to start selling products or services.

Q: Is the design process with Website Agency Blend Precisely efficient?

A: Yes, the agency focuses on efficiency to minimize technical challenges and maximize sales potential. With a one-time set-up fee, we take care of all the tech headaches and help you with your personal brand and set-up of your site. 

Q: What types of templates are available in the Template Store?

A: The Template Store offers ready-to-use templates and digital solutions tailored to industry needs. The store provides templates for social media posts, business forms, labels, gift cards, and other important marketing templates needed for the industry.

Q: Who leads the programs?

A: Behind all programs, there is a team of Aromatherapists, business coaches, programmers, and Web Designers. Katrin & Seth Birkholz are the CEO and CTO of Blend Precisely, Blend Precisely Academy Business Programs, Website & App Agency, and AromaConnect.

Blend Precisely Academy - Business Planning for Aromatherapists, Skincare Formulators & Herbalists




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