We are soon stepping into 2023 and want to further our support of Aromatherapists in business. We know that it is never easy to be in a market like ours, and the hardest thing can be getting your name out there. 
As you might know, Seth and I are on a mission to fully support you and your work. We have been working in the background on a way to connect Essential Oil Users with Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Natural Skin Care Formulators.
So here is our call for everyone using Blend Precisely and/or is part of our Business Growth Membership to become part of AromaConnect.net.
We will work in phases:
Phase I: Building out the directory.
Phase II: is adding your expertise to the site in form of events, workshops, formulations, and news articles for 2023. 
Phase III: is to connect you with people that want to use Essential Oil Products, want to attend Essential Oil Safety classes, want to find Aromatherapists nearby, etc.
If you are part of Blend Precisely, simply come over here and fill out the form to be added to the directory: https://www.aromaconnect.net/
If you are not part of Blend Precisely or Blend Precisely Academy, feel free to join:
We can’t wait to meet you and your business and spread the word of our community!
Seth & Katrin

We currently offer a 14-Day free trial of our Aromatherapy Business Calculation software Blend Precisely.

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