#107 – From Paper to Blend Precisely
How to go from a piece of paper or a spreadsheet to Blend Precisely.
Let’s look at the most basic features you should start out with when using Blend Precisely. It will make your life so much easier 🙂
Blend Precisely is not just an essential oil calculator. It does much more than show you the essential oil price per drop or essential oil safety information. It gives you multiple essential oil charts, it’s a dilution ratio guide, and the most accurate price calculator for your essential oil blends and aromatherapy products.
When creating a product, it is essential to consider all of the associated costs and profits, which can be calculated on spreadsheets or with Blend Precisely
For the most accurate price and profit predictions, you want to make sure you record all your purchases of your raw materials, packaging, labels, shipping, and taxes paid. When purchasing materials, it is crucial to determine the required amount and size of materials needed for your formulations so you don’t end up spending a lot of money in the beginning.
Go super simple and shop around for the best prices and quality! I demonstrated in this video how I would go about the search for quality and price.
When possible, go for a bit larger amounts as they will dramatically decrease your costs of goods sold. Reviews of former customers (ask a colleague) and certificates should also be consulted for quality assurance. Market research should be conducted to set the right sales price. 
Use the bulk upload feature provided by Blend Precisely if you have lots of ingredients or packaging you want to add in one sitting.
Blend Precisely is an excellent tool for making homemade bath and body products. If you already have a business selling your specially formulated natural skin care products, massage blends, inhalers, and any kind of Aromatherapy/ Essential Oil Products.
This video shows you calculating dilution ratios, costs of goods, markup, and profits per unit. It also offers toxicity & safety data from the Tisserand Institute, and it shows you endangered plant species for each essential oil provided by the Airmid Institute.
Blend Precisely quickly becomes your best friend as it helps you to create safe, compliant products. Following the steps in the video will help to ensure a successful product is created every time!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way at [email protected], and I will answer them on Wednesday!
Many greetings!
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