This one is for the most amazing people that dare to create businesses! Kudos for being brave and putting yourself out there! You deserve my utmost admiration! 💐 🔥


Do you know how often I recorded a video over and over again? You know how often I look at myself (or Seth) and think, “Well, that ain’t working!” Do you know how often I said, “This is not my day?”


I wish I would have kept all the bloopers and weird things I have recorded over the past years, and I would share them with you right now simply to say, “We are all humans, and we are not perfect!” So I did keep one from this morning. Luckily Seth is not much better, and luckily we can laugh about the one, two, three, four, five, and 15 video recordings it takes to get it right. 

So enjoy our video, and this one is to encourage you to get out there even though it isn’t perfect!

Big hugs to all my Aromatherapists for being brave in creating businesses!

xx Katrin

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