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I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kayla Fioravanti, and she tells us her story: An Accidental Aromatherapist and Her Start in Business

Her number one take away from creating multiple businesses is: Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and cultivating supportive networks is essential for long-term success.

Have you ever wondered what white-label service and private-label service mean? Have you thought of purchasing somebody else’s products and having it all ready to ship under your business name?

How to create a business on a fast track lane? With Ology Essentials Labs it possible due to the amazing minimum order quantities!

Kayla, has been an active member of the aromatherapy business community for many years. She became interested in essential oils after seeing how they helped her son’s ringworm illness. Kayla then began researching ways to give Essential Oils as gifts.

In 1998, she started out making gifts for family members, but soon realized there was a potential to turn it into a business and started selling aromatherapy products through parties and soon after developed party plans for others to sell her products.

With the growing demand, Kayla realized she needed to learn how to make her own products without using chemicals, so she founded Essential Wholesale in 2000, an 800 square-foot facility that offered products with lower minimum orders than traditional truck-loads. Essential Wholesale has been sold but her love for Natural Skin Care products never died. 

Kayla has invested in training and teaching programs to improve her business acumen, as well as spent time researching exit strategies and other unique opportunities. Timing and a supportive environment are critical for the success of any business venture, and Kayla emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who share your goals.

Kayla founded Ology Essentials with her children in December 2017, with the goal of opening an aromatherapy school and developing formulated products. Her son persuaded her to change the focus of her business to CBD products after she realized the positive effects it had on her chronic pain. With the onset of the pandemic, Ology Essentials began producing private label and FDA approved hand sanitizer under a new division called Ology Essentials Labs.

Anyone with a minimum order of 25 pieces for white labeling and 50 pieces for private labeling can now create their own product line, including bath and body products, lotions, baby care, with or without CBD.

When you purchase products from Ology Essentials and Ology Essentials Labs, you can be confident in the safety, correct pH levels of their products, and you can round everything up with their micro-testing services available for your own products! Additionally, Kayla offers customized formulation services.

For all our readers & listeners Kayla offers a generous 25% discount when using the promo code “AromaBiz25.” Simply go to her website:

Ways to get in contact with Kayla:

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I’m forever grateful that Kayla took the time to jump on a call with me and chat about her business. I’m sure you gained a lot of new knowledge and you are as blown away as I’m of her services she offers to our community! Now creating a product business became much easier 🙂

Thank you for reading and listening!

I will speak to you soon,

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